Friday, October 24, 2008

President Obama?

It seems that the pinko liberal media in Europe are already drunk on celebrating Obama's victory in the US election next month. Certainly the media here are putting everything into making us believe that victory for Obama is a certainty.

Channel 4, and its associated channels, have been showing 30 second cameos of 'celebrities' endorsing Obama and attacking McCain/Palin for weeks now, with increasing venom. Today even the Daily Torygraph had a front page carrying predictions of riots if McCain wins, because it would obviously have been rigged.

So I was pleased today to discover Accuracy in Media. This website debunks some of the biased and downright lying media coverage attacking McCain/Palin and also the irrational, often plain untrue, media backing for the vacuous Obama.

I look forward to reading much more on this website.

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