Monday, October 20, 2008

Elections 2009-A Prediction

On June 4 next year we have the European elections and the local elections, including county council elections. It is interesting that the governmnent has been so keen to move the local elections back from May but there is good reason. The EU elections have traditionally created abysmal turnouts, so by holding the locals at the same time, they are hoping to bump up the turnout in the EU election.

The EU elections are on proportional representation rather than first past the post, which massively assists smaller parties such as UKIP and the Greens. Smaller parties, with extremely motivated members and supporters, will turn out to vote in what are seen by the general populace as worthless elections thus giving them success that it is very difficult to replicate in first past the post elections. Low turnout through apathy is great for smaller parties. Have other elections at the same time and hope that supporters of the big three will then vote in the EU elections too while they're at it, thus damaging the smaller parties.

On that basis what better to bump up voter turnout than having the general election on 4 June too? I wouldn't bet against it. In fact I may just have a flutter on it being held on June 4th. After all, New Labour do enjoy playing around with our democratic process.

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