Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Political Euphemisms

I always find political euphemisms intriguing, sometimes hilarious and often downright stupid. Here are some of the ones I particularly remember. Some famous, some not.

"He has decided to spend more time with his family". He has been sacked.

" He didn't have the health or energy to fight the election". I'm telling porkies, he really thinks the leader is a spiv and the party is going nowhere.

"She plans to spend more time with her family". She thinks the Prime Minister is a loser and she will probably lose her seat at the next election, so she's off to prepare for a new post general election career.

"He withdrew from the list because he came top and only expected to come third". I'm telling porkies, he really thinks the leader is a spiv and the party is going nowhere.

"There are difficult times ahead but it is not the time for an apprentice". We're in the shit but you can still piss off Miliband.

"The decision was brave and courageous". What the f*&k has he done that for?

"He has no intention of standing for the leadership". He's just waiting for some other prat to stick his head above the parapet, then he'll be in the fight faster than a rat up a drainpipe.

There are many more and many more will be surfacing in the future, indeed this post could become a regular item, in fact it definitely will! Feel free to add your own via comments.


Mark Wadsworth said...

What about Segolene Royal, who divorced her husband to spend more time in politics?

Gregg Beaman said...

Nice one, similar to Tony Benn retitring as an MP to spend more time on politics. Bet he nicked it off her.

Lurch said...

Farage is a spiv and the party's going nowhere?
Aye, I fear you are right my friend.

Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

How about: "Vote for me", meaning no other silly bugger will give me a job!

Anonymous said...

Really interesting euphemisms,aiming to show what a great selfsacrifice is to be a politician. Do you have any links from where these euphemisms were taken, I'm writing an article about political discourse and these examplese of political euphemisms just great but I need references. I'll be very happy if you send me some. Thank you!

Gregg said...

I hate to disappoint you but they are my interpretations of what politicians say. Hope you can still user them though, feel free. If you do an acknowledgement would be nice.