Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Bishop I Won't Be Bashing!

A heartfelt thanks to Bishop of Lancaster the Reverend Patrick O'Donoghue.

Some time ago he warned the Catholic Caring Services in the diocese that if they complied with the government's authoritarian 'Sexual Orientation Regulations' they would no longer be recognised by the diocese. That has now happened. Here is a short piece on it.

It seems that in this age of tolerance and respect for other cultures and lifestyles, that toleration doesn't extend to Roman Catholics, indeed Christians of any church. Why couldn't the government just allow Catholic agencies to quietly point gay couples in the direction of agencies that allow adoption by same-sex couples? Because that would involve tolerating people with other views and beliefs, and that is only allowed if they do not contravene current orthodoxy. Another word that could be used is hypocrisy.

Well done Bishop Patrick for sticking by our faith, showing backbone and moral leadership. You will be missed when you retire in May.

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