Thursday, January 22, 2009

Police State Further Tightening Its Grip

Here, yet again, plod seems to set out to further undermine our trust in the authorities.

OK the Tory MP admits he should never have handed over the letter, which shows a degree of trust in the police that is seriously misguided and naive. The Speaker, like a true stooge commented:

"at no time did the officer exercise any compulsory powers" and that this was "not a matter that required a search warrant".

You may be right Mr Speaker, but the excellent relationship between the police and the public has always depended on a great deal of trust. Ten years or more of authoritarian statism has destroyed that, even the politicians in the House of Commons now live in fear of the police state.

Perhaps if Mr Speaker occasionally came into contact with real people he would appreciate how his colleagues have destroyed the peoples' trust in the police, let alone our trust in the other institutions of the state.

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