Monday, January 05, 2009

Shite Street

We all think our local council is the worst in the country, but Lewes District Council takes some beating. They have popped up before in some bizarre context and now, here they are again, this time renaming politically incorrect streets.

And, as ever, they are streets that couldn't offend a single soul but some useless bureaucrat probably spent weeks searching for something that could, just about, possibly might, just offend if you were the ultra-hyper sensitive type who should be in care anyway to protect you from yourself.

Strange enough talking to my niece and nephew this weekend, who have yet to be introduced to the joys of Steptoe and Son, we laughed at their address which was Oil Drum Lane, Shepherd's Bush. Now Lewes would change the stret name because it conjures up aestetically unpleasing images and Shepherd's Bush for.....well think about it!

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