Wednesday, January 07, 2009

George Galloway and Gazza

Left; the famous Gazza strip (England not Spurs).

With all the furore about Paul Gascoigne's deteriorating health due to alcohol problems, it is good to know that the latter day St Jude (George Galloway) is organising national support for our ex-footballing hero, including a national rally:

Gazza: A Message of Support from George Galloway, Respect MP

(Surely that should be Gaza? Ed.).


T Bishop Finger said...

Must have been Galloway who vandalised that Jewish cemetary in Whitechapel, same awful handwriting.

A Brief Encounter said...

The man is a complete twat and has to take his share of the blame for the rise in anti-Semitic attacks such as the one you mentioned.

Interesting how he constantly attacks Bush et al for dabbling in foreign afairs but spends most of his time dabbling in the Middle East. If he was a right-winger the great unwashed would have suppressed him years ago with a 'No Platform For Nazi Galloway' campaign.

Anonymous said...

its funny how most of the world hates Israel now, after seeing two news stations telling the truth as it is (Press TV & Al Jazeera) see George Galloway on press tv. him doing a wicked job man. him a goood raas claat maan. FREE PALESTINE

A Brief Encounter said...

I suspect poor 'Anonymous'didn't quite understand the post, which confirms him as a semi-litrate tit.

Either that or it is a wind-up by somebody pretending to be a semi-literate tit.

I suspect the latter in which case, if by a white man would it be classed as racist? Certainly not by me.