Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On 'Leaving' UKIP

I never actually left UKIP I am still, for good or ill, a member. Indeed this post will be very brief because I am off to meet a UKIP stalwart for lunch and am still in contact with many decent members of UKIP.

What I did was to stand down as number one on the list in the North West for June's European elections and resign as regional organiser. I had seen too many people leave the party before me who then sat on the sideines griping, I would just walk away and that would be an end of it, no griping.

But there is a clique in UKIP now with a gang mentality, if you leave they lie and spin against you to show that you are wrong rather than their little gang. They know who they are and in due course I will be talking more about them.

This campaign against me has happened in the last few months and I am preparing a full response to the smears. But until I do respond in full this fellow has enough about the current state of play regarding my departure, and other worrying developments in UKIP, to suffice.

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