Monday, January 26, 2009

Puritanical Bastards!

It's strange but the older I get the less respect I have for authority and so-called 'standards'. I worry I may be immaturing and heading towards the youthful rebellion I avoided by partying away my youth instead of rebelling. In the current climate I fear that we are just around the corner from having some Cromwell style puritan bossing the country again and spoiling all the fun.

My anger today is directed at the puritanical bastards who have decided to be offended by Jonathan Ross. The type who decided to listen to his comeback radio show on Saturday morning, which I thought was superb, in the hope of being offended thus giving them something to complain about. What is about this current trend, driven by Political Correctness, to find anything and everything offensive to somebody somewhere?

I heard the comments on Saturday and they were, as I remember, quite innocent. His producer/co-presenter mentioned doing work on his property in Spain and that an 80 odd year old local woman still has an eye for young men and is in the habit of coming up to flirt and kiss younger men. Ross responded with something like, "oh go on, give her what she wants, one last night to remember with a young fella". More music hall comedy than vile filth designed to offend.

But no, there has been an outcry led, it seems, by the Sun, that paragon of virtue, good taste and responsible journalism. It seems that they found out the place in Spain where the property is and got the old woman's son to spill the beans on how deeply offended they were. Forgive me but if the son had kept his big gob shut his mother would have remained anonymous. If anybody is guilty of anything he is. Then why did the Sun have to go and do what they did? Because the Sun is a morally bankrupt, unprincipled rag that I wouldn't use in the smallest room in my house if I ran out of Andrex! Don't tell me a little old lady and her son, in the middle of Spain, listen regularly to Radio 2. Perhaps they listen to the Archers omnibus on a Sunday too.

But what really angered me today was listening to the small-minded bigotted morons phoning in to the radio phone-ins spewing forth mock indignation. Typically a thick cockney, probably a taxi driver, coming out with stuff like: "Bang aht of order mate. How would you feel if it was your old mum or nan he was talking abaht? The geezer should be strung up". Nothing quite like missing the point to make the righteously indignant sound like complete dickheads.

It's no wonder paediatricians panic when the mob want to string up a paedopohile.

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J said...

Great post. Couldn't agree more. I am not a big, big fan of Jonathan Ross - I still think he was at his best two decades ago on Channel 4, but he has a quick wit about him and is a great host of event shows. Like tens of millions of people I would never have known about the Sacks Affairs it was not for the hysterical (and two-faced!) media witch hunt that followed.

I must admit I howled at

"It's no wonder paediatricians panic when the mob want to string up a paedopohile"

Very funny.