Friday, January 23, 2009

What Is Abuse?

On Tuesday Mark Wadsworth blogged about misleading headlines in relation to alcohol abuse. Today I came across this ridiculous 'study' by a team at University College London:

Majority of carers 'abusive'

More than half of carers looking after a relative with dementia have been abusive towards them, a study found.

Experts from University College London questioned 220 carers looking after people with dementia at home for a study in the British Medical Journal.

Of these, 52% of carers had been abusive in some way, with 34% reporting significant levels of abuse such as swearing often or being insulting.

Forgive me but the headline suggests physical abuse, locking people in cupboards under the stairs and more. What they actually mean is occasionally carers, quite understandably, swear or mildly insult the person they care for, probably from sheer exasperation and frustration. Big deal.

The problem now is that unprincipled charities will use the study to beg for more cash to break the relationship between loved ones, one of whom is seriously ill, in order to bring in 'professional' carers and thus expand their own empires.

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