Thursday, January 29, 2009

No Spikki Inglis!

More than 300 primary schools in England have a majority of children whose first language is not English.

The local education authority with the most primaries where English is not the mother-tongue of 70% or more pupils was Birmingham, with 60 schools.

The statistics were revealed by schools minister Sarah McCarthy-Fry after a parliamentary question from Labour's former minister Frank Field.

Now that statistic need not be a huge worry if those speaking English as a second language are the chldren of newly arrived immigrants who have some grasp of English and are making serious efforts to learn. My worry is that many have made little effort to learn and, with growing levels of militant Islam, have parents who don't care whether they speak the language of the infidel or not.

Language is a code, a means of communicating and that code must be as universal as possible. I do not see this as cultural or linguistic imperialism, as the left claim when this issue is raised, those most disadvantaged are the people who do not have sufficient English. Nor do I blame the children or, to a lesser extent, their parents. I blame the establishment.

The root cause of many of today's problems is the socialist revolution of the 1960s. It preached that western civilization and capitalism are bad therefore all else, especially if it loathes our western civilization, is good. It preached that society was bad and should be restructured, under vile authoritaian socialism, whilst encouraging the worst excesses of individualism that have damaged the very fabric of 'society' with a 'me, me, me' philosophy.

The very people who attack those who want to encourage integration, rather than ghettoisation, are the ones who vilify British people abroad for turning parts of sunnier climes into British enclaves. The height of hypocrisy.

Immigration need not cause problems to any country. It is those, on the left and the right, who use it for their own purposes who cause the problems. Language is the first, and most crucial step to integration, tolerance and understanding for all.

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T Bishop Finger said...

The English language is the most important part of Western Civilization, spreading Globalisation and Democracy. So to the left-liberal elite in their trendy London Boroughs, it's a greater evil than Nazism, Stalinism, and Islamofascism put together.