Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Scottish Cash

A Tory dimwit is putting forward a bill to FORCE English shopkeepers to accept Scottish money.

Yet another example of authoritarian Tories trying to remove choice.

If the Scots want independence let them have it, I don't wish to cling on to days gone and as an Englishman I am sick of whinging Celts mithering, and that includes the Welsh and all the nutters in Ulster!

Let the English vote and I'm convinced that day by day, an ever increasing majority would happily cut ties with the 'Celtic Whinge'.


J said...

Couldn't agree more. Let them go if they want their own nation - but make sure they take their share of the national debt. And as for their oil argument - they've had the benefits and some.

Lurch said...

If they leave the union, then they absolutely must take their politicians with them.