Saturday, January 31, 2009

Let's All Be Optimistic

Gordon Brown has delivered a plea for Britons to remain optimistic in the face of the financial crisis.

Despite forecasts that the UK will experience the worst downturn out of the major developed nations, he urged against "talking the country down".

He said he has "utter confidence" the UK will recover, but warned failure by the G20 in April to agree to financial reforms could have severe consequences.

So now Gordon wants us all to be optimistic about the economy. After 12 years of New Labour we all know he really means "let's pretend everything's fine". You may remember the WMDs in Iraq as the justification for invasion. What weapons? Exactly!

It's interesting though, that Mr Brown is already lining up the G20 in April as a scapegoat if the optimism proves misguided. I can't imagine a welder I know being very optimistic when he as had no work since before Christmas. Or the Woolworths staff, now they must be brimming with optimism and confidence.

I really do think that the only way Gordon will see us walking round all happy and optimistic about the economy would be to send us all a pack of free hallucinogenic drugs.

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Lurch said...

Amazingly there are communists claiming the current financial state is all down to that Thatcher.
As if the dozen years of Fabianism haven't happened.