Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Too Honest To Give Evidence

I was awake early this morning and saw this story on a TV news bulletin. At first I thought it must have been April 1st, then I nodded off again. When I awoke a second time I thought I'd had a bizarre dream, but no it actually happened.

I'm no 'legal eagle' but isn't the point of a trial to give the jury enough information to decide who is innocent and who is guilty? Which means, inevitably, that jurors are swayed one way by honest, upstanding citizens, the other way by lying little scroats. Evidently not.

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Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

I too could not get over this when I read it in the Torygraph. What on earth was that judge playing at? The young lady who had her car window smashed and computer stolen gave a positive ID, there was no doubt and because she was so decent, so honest, and so clear, the case was thrown out.

We should all worry about this as it is now a thugs charter. Any mugger can stand up in court and demand the same treatment because the witness is too convincing. What is the point of having a legal system?