Friday, January 16, 2009

Britain Is Homophobic!

Yet another useless study by a so-called 'academic' has been published. Here is a link to the Torygraph report.

Here is Dr Jones's brief summary of his findings:
Dr Pete Jones, who led the research, said: "Without detracting from the seriousness of the prejudice that still exists against people because of their ethnic origin, the results of our study suggest that being gay or lesbian could be 'the new black' when it comes to being a victim of prejudice.

Well yippidee Doc, I could have told you that without spending months, if not years, doing pointless research. But this next quote from the article is much more telling:
The study found that while seven per cent of volunteers were "strongly" anti-gay, 35 per cent had underlying prejudices against homosexual men and 41 per cent against homosexual women.

If 7% of people are "strongly anti-gay" then by their reckoning less than 7% of the population could be "strongly racist". As ever, when the PC brigade gets disappointing results that fail to prove theier case they then try and claim that, 30% (or whatever) show underlying racism/homophobia or whatever else they want to prove British society guilty of. 'Underlying' means, to them, that there's no evidence at all so we are probably hiding it very well, and are guilty as charged regardless.

Personally I am pleasantly surprised by the figures. To hear the Trevor Phillips and Peter Tatchell's of this world we are one step away from a nation about to introduce apartheid to protect us from other races and sexualities. Obviously not.

I am more convinced than ever that the figures would be even lower without the hysteria of the race relations/equality/divesity industry pissing people off.


J said...

Thanks for the comment on my own blog, doubly so as it led me here for the first time. Great blog.

On this subject I remember being "addressed" by Peter Tatchell at a trade union conference (in my silly youth) almost a decade ago where he discussed his views on the age of consent. Let me just say it wasn't about raising the age of consent.

A Brief Encounter said...

Welcome and thanks for the kind comment.

We do tend to be a bit rash in our youth don't we. In fact, some of us even continue into middle-age and hopefully beyond!

T Bishop Finger said...

Unfortunately, the troph swilling swine at the Commission for Equality and Human Rights, or whatever self-righteous name they have now, need to push the Britain is bigotted against 'everything' bullcrap to keep them in their overpaid, taxpayer funded jobs.

Gregg said...

Spot on as ever.