Saturday, April 11, 2009

Crown Prosecution Service

The Crown Prosecution Service are to spend nearly £60,000 on bonuses for staff who got to work in the recent bad, wintry weather.

Staff who were hardy and heroic enough to get to work, despite a nip in the air and an inch or two of snow, are to get around £150 each.

Not exactly the scale of bonus bankers get for wrecking a whole bank, and screwing the economy simultaneously, but surely a sign of what a pathetic, sorry nation of pansies New Labour have turned Britain into.


Mike P said...


Up here in Aberdeenshire we had 3 weeks of 10-18inches of snow lying on the ground, with 4 seperate days of blizzards, not to mention almost 2 weeks where the thermometer didn't actually get above 0C, with the coldest tempereature measured at -18C. I managed to ge into work for the 12 days I was supposed to be there for this cold spell.

I reckon I'm owed roughly £16,200 based on £150=2 inches of snow, multiplied by 9 multiplied by 12.

Who do I submit my Bravery Claim to? :-)

Gregg said...

Pop it in the post to Jacqui Smith's husband, sure he can get it through for you.

Mike P said...

I'm sure.....along with a selection of Dutch produced DVDs............. ;-)