Thursday, April 02, 2009

Piggy MPs

My local MP, Geraldine Smith (pictured above), cost the taxpayer £166,097 in expenses last year. That figure included £1,143 for a two night stay in Italy.

Ben Wallace, MP for neighbouring Lancaster and Wyre (also pictured above), spent £175,523 on expenses last year. His expenses included £200 for one night's accomodation in Northern Ireland.

Wallace also claimed the absolute maximum, just by chance I'm sure, for his London base in Clapham, that was £23,000.

Purely by coincidence Ms Smith also claimed £23,000 on her London pad.

To me they are both vermin, as are many of today's current elected 'representatives'. They truly are pigs with their snouts in our trough.

Come on Gordon, bring on that general election, I'm starting to twitch with anticipation.

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