Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Jury Team

I've blogged before about people with more money than sense getting involved in politics, specifically Messrs Wheeler and Ganley, it's now time to take a look at The Jury Team.

The idea is nice. Nice was a word we always got told off for using at school as it was saccharine and had no substance, so it's ideal in this context.

The Jury Team set out with some basic principles such as being a party of independents, no policies, no whips, believe in what you believe as an individual, we'll be fine.

Love them or loathe them parties came about because independent MPs had to get together to push common causes through the parliamentary system. All The Jury Team would do if God forbid, they ever get in the position to, is turn the clock back a few centuries then watch their dream fade as they split into parties all over again. I saw it first hand as an independent councillor on a ruling coalition a few years back.

MPs and MEPs should serve no more than two terms. So if Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Gladstone or Disraeli were around today they'd have been scuppered while still on the backbenches? I don't think so.

This morning I looked at some of the statements their prospective Euro candidates have made to support their candidacies in the North West. Here are some of the best, or worst whichever way you look at it:

"Promising each constituent full access to contribute to my policy/agenda setting"

As there are several million electors, and around 8m inhabitants in the North West, this lad's going to have his work cut out.

Then there is:

"I have a wide interest in political issues and would place mysef near liberal"

That's right lad, you give it to 'em straight. So liberal, in fact, he daren't even call himself liberal in case he offends somebody!

What about.....

"I am dedicated to working with local communities.I think that there needs to be immediate changes over global issues"

Wow, today the local residents' association, tomorrow the world. I think she's going to need more than two terms on the gravy train to sort out this global shambles. Perhaps she's green?

In fairness visit The Jury Team website if you want to see their full biogs. Now that is a giggle!


Daniel1979 said...

I know you don't seem like a fan, but the current system is clearly not working, and some new thinking is required. This itself might not be the answer, but it might show the way to a better way of governance. I personally feel that the Whip System as it stands means that politicians too easily forget the concerns of constituents, and that Open Primaries would bring about a greater level of debate and improved candidate selection if more widely adopted.

I also took a look at Jury Team and posted an invitation to candidates on my blog to let me and my readers know more... I have been posting their responses on my Blog.

Gregg said...

I do take your point Daniel. I think they are thoroughly well intentioned, if extremely naive. Having said that perhaps it's me being a cynical old fart.

If they contribute to the debate, as you have suggested, then their time is not wasted. We do need a radical overhaul of the whole system and perhaps they will start that debate.