Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Police And The Citizens

As the state encroaches ever further into our lives the police are increasingly seen, by many of us, as a mere tool of the state. They are no longer the idealised Dixon of Dock Green figures that we used to like seeing them as. They increasingly resemble the paramilitary thugs we only used to see in Europe.

If you doubt that I suggest you head to London and join a demo, or go to a high profile football match. Sadly, many perceive the police today as little more than uniformed thugs.

Here is the BBC coverage of the police attack on an innocent man, a man who was wandering around in the wrong place at the wrong time, not even part of the G20 demo, which still couldn't have justified the action of the copper.

OK, so the police didn't beat Mr Tomlinson to death. But he died of a heart attack minutes after the unprovoked attack by one of our 'boys in blue'.

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