Thursday, April 02, 2009

Friday Funday

I've had a very long couple of days, but great fun, and have a really early start tomorrow, off for a casting as a priest, don't laugh. So I'm posting Friday Funday now.

Here's one for Seth, up in Aberdeenshire. He bops to the Red Hot Chili Peppers I believe and might like this one, I know his dad does:

The next little piece is pure history, well worth re-visiting. A gobby little 'sarf Landan geezer' gets his come uppance from a cool Frenchman in the shirt of the world's greatest football club. I'm proud to have been there at Selhurst Park that night to witness swift and sure retribution. Monsieur Cantona, mon Dieu, merci:


If you are still looking for Eric then go here.

Eric did what too many people are scared to do. And you know it!!

Oh well then, here's what makes us the best, even if it is just an excuse for some Morrissey:


Mike P said...

I can confirm that Seth did indeed enjoy that one! Still working on Morrissey though! Good luck with the casting today! ;-)

Gregg said...

Is he still too young frte Eric clip?