Thursday, April 30, 2009

Labour Party Crooks

The Labour Party love to recycle crap aka rehabilitating crooks then reintroducing them. The latest comeback kid is Alistair Campbell, appearing as part of his programme of rehabilitation in a Fabian Society debate. This from their website:

Former No 10 communications boss Alastair Campbell joined a debate with David Lammy MP, US presidential campaigner Ben Brandzel and Fabian author Will Straw asking if the Labour Party can learn lessons from Obama's campaign, at the launch of a new Fabian book.

This follows the rehabilitation of the likes of Beverley Hughes and Lady Mandy, on numerous occasions. Note how Dolly the Sheep, I mean Dolly Draper, is also hovering around again too. They really must be short of talent.

The prospect of using Obama tactics smacks of recycling too. Let's face it Obama used Blair style bullshit to get elected in the first place.

Odds on an early general election?

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