Sunday, April 05, 2009

Snouts In The Trough

Geoff Hoon (pictured left) is the latest elected 'representative' to be outed as a serial greedy bleeder. It's funny how there is a much higher proportion of New Labour MPs snouting excessively than there are Tories. But then again, I've always felt it was the socialists, if that's what New Labour piggies are, who were much more obsessed with money, and amassing it, than any other political group. Or possibly most Tory MPs have enough dosh already to not feel the need to bleed the taxpayer blind, I'm not sure.

Hoon had a grace and favour place in London, was claiming for a constituency home and renting out his London home. This was at the time he was leading the government charge to bomb the crap out of Iraq. As ever he claims to have only claimed what the rules allowed. As I've said before, just because you can doesn't mean you have to you greedy git.

Meanwhile there have been more revelations about Jacqui 'Stalin' Smith (pictured above right). She claimed £120 on expenses to buy a video player for her home. Over £500 went on a bed settee, and £350 on plant pots. Surprised she didn't also claim for pot so they could enjoy a spliff while watching the porn she had also claimed for!

Meanwhile Rudi Vis, anonymous 68 year old MP for Finchley and Golders Green, has used his 'excessive' allowances in a very imaginative way to fund his £550,000 retirement home. Thankfully this little piggy retires at the next election.

And so it goes on, and on, and on.....


Mike P said...

Absolute shysters, the lot of them.

There's an interesting article this morning in the Scottish Sunday Times telling us what MSPs are getting up to and they seem even worse. Things like claiming 49p for trips from their homes to the Scottish Parliament 1 mile away, every day! Wish I could could claim expenses for my commute to work each day! 15miles each way I'd be coining it!

It used to be the case that although our MPs were pretty dodgy, at least they weren't as bad as some of the Europeans (Berlusconi anyone?). Unfortunately now our lot seem to be just as bad if not even worse.

It was also reported this morning that Brown has enjoyed a bounce in the polls after the G20 summit last week......Well hopefully after Buff's latest expenses indiscretion, that bounce will have all been wiped out!

Roll on the next General Election!

Gregg said...

The problem seems to be that the less actual power a parliament/assembly has the more the people in it seem to cream off the cash.

The European Parliament has really taught British politicians how to take the piss. I suppose the divvies in Westminster look at the EU gravy train and try to cure their envy by joining in, which then trickls down to assemblies, devolved parliaments then county and district councils. They're all at it sadly.