Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Velvet Underground and Nico

Occasionally something from the past smacks you on the back of the head, and that's just happened. I suddenly had a memory of going to see Nico at the Library Theatre in Manchester. I can't remember exactly when, about 1983 I think, but it was one of the more bizarre concerts I have attended. She was still addicted to heroin and God knows what else at the time.

Sadly, no sooner had she cleaned up her act, kicked the habit and gone for the healthy lifestyle than she had a fall from her pushbike and died the next day, 1988 I think. A salutary lesson to us all!

So let's hear the great woman once more with the Velvet Underground:


Ben said...

I just started a Velvet Underground fan forum. You should stop by and post this story!


Gregg said...

I'll certainly have a visit. Many thanks.