Sunday, April 19, 2009

Labour Frauds And Islington Gobshites!

Here is the continuing coverage of McBride, former top aide to Gordon Brown who, until resigning last week, was on over £100,000 a year paid from our taxes.

So who is the Labour muppet who made the following statement?

"There is a culture in Westminster amongst largely young men who think that writing this sort of thing on the internet is in some way acceptable, and it is absolutely not.

"Those of us in the front line of politics do our best to ignore it - but it is very difficult. But you have to kind of rise above it and focus on what's important about politics."

Step forward Labour MP for Islington South and Finsbury, Emily Thornberry. I always knew the Islington crowd were full of crap, that quote is proof. Or is she deluded enough to actually think that Gordon Brown is not 'in the front line of politics'? Sadly we all know that, for now anyway, he is.

'You have to kind of rise above it'? Is that the same as saying you need to pretend to rise above it but don't really? Or does she mean you just can't rise above it even if you try?

God preserve us from the trendy chattering classes and pinko liberal Guardianistas!

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