Sunday, April 12, 2009

French Bastards!

Don't get me wrong I love France, have had some fantastic holidays there and I like and admire the French, individually. But as a nation they are full of crap.

Lance Armstrong is my all time sporting hero. He overcame cancer and has won Le Tour a record 7 times. Winning Le Tour, or even completing it, makes somebody a hero in my view and in 2005, the last time he won it, I was fortunate enough to see a stage of his last Tour, in Albertville.

This year he announced his intention to compete again, with the Astana Team but broke a collarbone in a fall three weeks ago, setting back his training schedule. But now the French are trying, yet again, to stitch him up by using absurd bureaucracy. Lance says it all, diplomatically, here.

Less diplomatically I say the Frogs just can't accept that a Yankee guy has won Le Tour seven times. Well you'd better accept it Cheese Monkeys, because the man is a living legend and the world hopes and prays he wins an 8th Tour this year. If the French authorities don't stitch him up!

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