Thursday, April 09, 2009

Friday Funday

Greetings for Easter and God bless. But still some Friday fun, starting with Les Dawson:

Then tell me this Dire Straits classic doesn't move you:

Then a lot of people 'don't get' Morrissey. I find that hard to understand. To me he epitomises Northern life, especially Manchester. He is not dreary, as unimaginative critics claim, he is ironic and very working class without being a boring class warrior, he wants decency not revolution. He is a critic of Mrs T but is a positive product of Mrs T. A Morrissey concert is not a concert, it's a happening, an event, a celebration. I once heard a critic say something like:

"Morrissey is supposed to be for angst ridden teenagers sat friendless in their boxrooms. But (in 2005) there are coachloads of plumbers and welders travelling from Bolton to crowd surf in the hope of touching the great man. A Morrissey concert is something euphoric, something special that draws you in".

That's why, for the umpteenth time, I will be trekking down to London at the end of May to see the great man at the Brixton Academy, a venue that was made for Morrissey. In the meantime enjoy First of the Gang to Die:

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