Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Authoritarian Tyranny

Just as Christians are persecuted by authoritarian tyrants all over the world, so we are in the UK.

If a registrar has a deeply held belief that civil partnerships are wrong why can their view, on religious and moral grounds, not be tolerated. After all there must be any number of registrars who would do the ceremony.

Similarly with gay adoption. Catholic agencies are closing down because the state dictates that they must allow gay adoption against the fundamental tenets of the Catholic faith. Again there are any number of adoption agencies that will happily become involved in gay adoption.

What happened to religious tolerance? What happened to respecting the views of minorities? What happened to freedom of conscience? What happened to freedom of choice?

From the BBC.


Jack said...

By the same view as the one you up hold in your non sensical statement, hitler was right to discriminate against Jews gypsies and disabled people because he had a deeply held belief? You're trying to justify homophobia in religious groups, it's still discrimination no matter what argument you use to support it.

Don't expect you to post this as I don't support your idea, what happened to freedom of speech?

Gregg's Blog said...

If you read the post properly it is not 'homophobic', another word used by polituically correct fascists to protect themselves from any criticism, perceived or otherwise.

I am arguing for choice. If I thought a child of mine would be adopted by gays I would not put him up for adoption. Simple. If somebody else would then that is their choice. What has Hitler got to do with it? Except that like Hitler you seem to think that the world is only big enough for people who think exactly as you do.

How's that for free speech? You see, your bigotry was wrong again!

Anonymous said...

Why do people who have narrow politically correct views always refer to Hitler (capital 'H') when anyone disagrees with them?

They are being deeply offensive to the people they use it against today, as well as the real victims of Naziism.

I find people like 'Jack' appalling and wish you luck in your campaign against their hatred and intolerance.

Keep up the good work.