Friday, December 11, 2009

Geraldine Smith MP, Morecambe and Lunesdale

Now that MPs' expenses have been published online we can all see what the muppets are claiming for. I find Geraldine Smith's expenses for April 2008 particularly interesting. £200 on food? You can view them here.

What the published expenses do show is that even a not very bright MP like Geraldine Smith can do very well from expenses without even having to resort to anything 'dodgy'. It's quite sickening really.

If you would like to peruse the rest of Geraldine Smith's expenses they can be found here.

In case you are wondering she is my MP, for now unfortunately. Of course there is other stuff about the woman who is probably the densest MP in the House of Commons elsewhere on my blog if you follow the labels below.

Oh no, my parents will probably get another threatening phone call from her now, threatening to sue me for being jolly unpleasant about her. Oh well.

You can also vote for her in my Prick of the Year poll on the side bar if you like.


Rob Slack said...

Interesting you say she is the densest. I'm not sure...but if she isn't she runs the others close! I've just watched her on TV decrying Hoon and Hewitt as cowardly and spineless for OPENLY calling for a ballot on Brown's leadership. I remembered seeing her waffling on about soemthing some time ago. I remember thinking she was very very dumb. I was right. She is one of those poor people who is too dumb to realise she is dumb!

Gregg's Blog said...

I think she was very fortunate in 1997 to win this seat. I don't think it was expected that Labour would get such a landslide and that dumbos would find themselves elected where they should never have won.

They just seem to trundle her out now as some kind of pro-Cyclops kamikaze pilot. Last time she donned the white bandana was when Caroline Flint had a pop at him.