Sunday, December 06, 2009

Prick of the Year

A late entry for my Prick of the Year award has stormed into contention, albeit slightly late in the day. Step forward Alex who has the blog below:

usually fairly calm about these things

He has taken advantage of my blog to make a complete nob of himself here and here.

He has also made a nob of himself by attacking Old Holborn, an all round good egg in any sane person's opinion.

He sounds like one of those box bedroom revolutionaries who spends his time searching for 'isms' to get fairly angry about while trying to remain fairly calm. But I suspect people who see 'racism' everywhere are actually covering their own latent racism.

So Alex is a serious contender for Prick of the Year 2009. Who knows this time next year he may have grown up and found a bit of sense, which would put him right out of the running for 2010.

Oh yes, he's also one of those thickos who writes 'ers' into a sentence, which gives him even more marks on the old prickometer.

However, Geraldine Smith, the incredibly stupid MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale, is still the bookies' favourite. Voting begins next week and you are welcome to make a nomination, preferably somebody who has featured on this blog at some point during 2009. However, if you nominate somebody they will then feature so let's go with the flow.


Alex said...

What specific bits of my blog did you disagree with? I'd be happy to debate them with you, as it's always good to get some mutual cross-linking going.

Gregg's Blog said...

Your juvenile and unhealthy obsession with race. You seem to see 'isms' or 'phobias' around every corner. Indeed you seem to go looking for it which implies the mind of a pretty disturbed individual.

I think you could actually win my Prick of the tear title, you are trying very hard. If you were less angry you might sound less obsessed. You do a great disservice to victims of real racism.

By the way I have never had to confront a racist because I'm very particular about the company I keep. But latent racists like you, that's a different matter.

Alex said...

If you believe any of my accusations of racism to be false or unfair, I would be very interested to hear why.

Could you also please define your terms: what is "real racism", for example? You claim never to have confronted a racist (I assume that means you never encountered one, rather than that you always concede their points), so what how you define this elusive creature?

More pertinently, what is a "latent racist" and what parts of my blog have convinced you that I am one? It is a fairly serious accusation to be making, and one that could quite easily be turned around, so I would advise you to be careful about bandying it about.

I'm also not really that angry, by the way. It's an old, teenage nickname, and I usually grin while blogging.

Gregg's Blog said...

That is the last of your comments I will publish. I have more important things to do than respond to a mentally derainged adolescent obsessing about race.
You are extremely boring.

By the way, I think in your comment I am not publishing, that the Scots might find your referring to Scotland as 'an English country' racist.

Alex said...

Rookie error Greg. You've made reference to one of my posts that you haven't actually published. I'm afraid that if you do that, it makes you look like some kind of weird fantasist.

Gregg's Blog said...

Not when the reference was for your benefit and I was right, you do know what I mean.

You're the fantasist I think you'll find.

Alex said...

Well, if I remember rightly, I'd posted living in Scotland as an example of "non-English culture" that I had experience of. I'm not entirely sure how anyone could be offended by that, but if you will insist on finding racism wherever you look...

And of course, now you've broken your promise not to publish any more of my comments, it looks like, for reasons best known to yourself, you're deliberately trying to avoid publishing one specific one.

Gregg's Blog said...

Alex actually said:

"Aside from growing up in Leicester, having lived in several different English countries (including Scotland)..."

Alex said...

Did I? Bollocks, had meant to type 'non-' in front of that.

Though I'm intrigued you picked up on that and not the idea of "several different English countries".

I tell you what though, now you've broken your promise twice, if not two and a bit times, why not go all out and publish the whole thing?

Gregg's Blog said...

Your pushing your luck now!

Actually I did try, but once rejected it's not possible. Tell you what, send it again if you want.