Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sign Of The Times

If you don't read it I can recommend it. The Week is a great read that updates you on the weeks news from across the media spectrum, giving you news summaries from the Telegraph to the Grauniad.

One particularly typical New Labour cock-up highlighted this week was the GP's surgery in Preston docked/fined £350 because it hadn't received any complaints. Yes, hadn't received any, that's right.

One of the New Labour government's targets is for GPs to show how they deal with complaints. This GP had none, so lost out by missing the 'dealing with complaints' target set by the state.

An NHS spokesman said they were only obeying orders. Actually, according to The Week, the spokesman said they had to follow guidelines. But how long until that is the excuse given by some bureaucrat as the police state tightens its grip?

When you hear about these kinds of things it illustrates why the Libertarian Party health policy is so refreshing. I think our health is far too important to be controlled, and abused, by politicians and the state and that sorry tale proves the point.

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