Friday, December 11, 2009

The Earth Is Flat

So eventually Liam Donaldson accepts what most of us knew all along, swine flu isn't such a big deal. I think it's time that nerd wandered off into the sunset where he can do less damage than he can as Chief Medical Officer.

We didn't create global warming either, which most of us knew all along. That theory was the result of nutty scientists being offered loads of money by misfits such as the UN, and others, to 'prove' that we were responsible. Of course the hysteria of the emotional incontinents of the green/environmentalist movement didn't help.

Which goes to prove another thing that most of us knew all along, that scientists, like all humans, get it wrong. Don't automatically believe all they say just because it sounds impressive, for example look at all that bull about the Earth not being flat. Just look at the website of the Flat Earth Society if you don't believe me!!

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