Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bullfighting Ban

Politicians all over the world get a perverse thrill from killing the joy of others, the Catalan Regional Parliament being the latest.

The Catalan killjoys have voted to ban the wonderful spectacle of bullfighting, which will no doubt thrill the imperialistic killjoys in the UK who have been campaigning against it for years.

I've no doubt there is an element of the Catalans just wanting to be spiteful to the rest of Spain, where hopefully bullfighting will continue and thrive.

So as hunting is banned in the UK, bullfighting soon to follow in Catalonia, I think it's time to campaign to have politician-baiting introduced as a legal bloodsport.


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T Bishop Finger said...

Understandable, as after Franco popped his clogs, I don't recall Spain 'officially' declaring they were no longer a Facist Dictatorship.