Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Islamabad Comes To Luton-Again!

Baroness Warsi, Shadow Minister for the ludicrous portfolio of Community Cohesion and Social Action has been verbally abused and pelted with eggs by Muslims in Luton. The BBC footage here looks more like a film from an election gathering in Islamabad than a street in Luton.

I'm a great believer in live and let live, that religions should be able to live side by side without causing problems for each other or anybody else, but tolerance does have to have its limits.

What is starting to concern me is that every time there is an incident involving Muslims, no matter how great or how trivial, throwing an egg at a politician or the London bombings, we hear the same old tired mantra that "they are not representative of real Muslims". Well socialists/communists used to use that old chestnut whenever the evils of a socialist/communist country were exposed, "ah but that isn't true socialism".

That mantra didn't convince me then, and I'm starting to doubt it today too.


Alex said...

"The BBC footage here looks more like a film from an election gathering in Islamabad than a street in Luton."
Just curious, how does a street in Luton normally look in comparison to an election gathering in Islamabad?

I mean, the weather seems quite dreary, there's lots of brightly-lit shop-fronts and everyone's wrapped up nice and warm. What is it that's so different?

Gregg's Blog said...

A bunch of Islamic nutters attacking a female Muslim politician is more redolent of Islamambad than Luton. But I suppose Luton differs in that Baroness Warsi wasn't assassinated, unlike Benazir Bhutto.

So apologies, but your crude search for 'racism' has failed. Now go and grow up.

Alex said...

Still a little confused I'm afraid. Alright, female politicians getting egged is obviously more the sort of thing you'd see in an election gathering than on an ordinary street, but why Luton/Islamabad?

And who mentioned racism?

Greg L-W. said...


when a religion seeks to impose itself on ANYONE it ceases to be a morally acceptable religion and has displayed the evil within the core of its underlying superstition - supported by fear.

If that doesn't work then fear is introduced to cover for the inadequacy of the basic superstition.

Greg L-W.