Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Class War

Socialists are full of venom and hatred. They are also much more obsessed with money and status than any "toff" I've ever come across. That's why there is a nasty edge to things in this country at the moment, especially after 12 years of venomous lefties who hate anybody who is successful.

It is very reminiscent of the 1970s. Labour screws up the economy and then looks for scapegoats. Hey presto, turn on those successful enough to have created the wealth that they have squandered.

So you now get Gordon the Cyclops attacking Cameron and Osborne, not on the substance of their policies, where there is plenty of ammo in fairness, but on their backgrounds, on their upbringing, effectively attacking their families and their ancestors. So they went to Eton, lucky them I say. I know plenty of people who had to go to the squalid, failed, social experiments known as inner-city comprehensives, who would have given their right arm, or eye perhaps, to have gone to Eton instead.

But just to emphasise the stinking crass hypocrisy of this venomous class war, where did Tony Blair, that notorious war criminal go to school? Ah yes, it was Fettes.

Then what about Bitchfinder General, Harriet Harperson, she who rattles on about equality and diversity boring the arse off everybody in posession of a brain? Well she went to St Paul's Girls School.

Stinking hypocrites!

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