Thursday, December 17, 2009

Liam Donaldson-Witchfinder General

I've been listening to the radio while working today and am sick to the backteeth of hearing about Liam Donaldson (left), witchfinder general in the new puritan state created by the authoritarian automatons of New Labour.

Donaldson is now whining about the millions of middle class children whose parents are apparently putting a bottle of gin a day into their feeding bottles. He claims that the middle classes are obsessively forcing alcohol down their childrens' throats. In fact, it seems that they are forcing so much booze down their kids' throats that they will soon be bankrupt and skint. So I'm amazed that this government hasn't sacked him yet, they seem hellbent on destroying the middle lasses by whatever means at their disposal, why not alcohol poisoning. Actually, they need the middle classes to survive so they can bleed them dry through taxation to squander trying to buy a few votes.

Personally I think the state is forcing us to drink to blank out of our minds all the badgering, intimidation and bullying of the state. I'd rather die early than have to survive decades of sobriety under this type of poxy, mithering government.

Note to the BBC: Please stop trundling out alcoholics who want to stop us all drinking because they are so feeble and weak that they have pickled their livers and whatever other organs through their own stupidity. Alcoholism is not an illness, it's a weakness.

For God's sake leave us some pleasures. The other pleasure would be seeing 'Sir' Liam Donaldson being spit roasted like the fat hog he is over a roaring bonfire.

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