Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day Hunt

Sadly the local hunt has been cancelled, so Mrs B and I are still snuggled in here in the East Wing. Things are still very bad with packed snow covering pretty lethal ice sheets beneath.I know because I've just had to venture out for more fire lighters.

But fear not, the chances are that hunting will be legal again this time next year, one of the few positives, I suspect, if Dave's New Tories do manage to win the general election. Other than that I see little reason to think the New Tories will do much to roll back the frontiers of the police state.

So for now, here is a picture of hunts gone by, 2007 I think.


Greg L-W. said...


sadly there is no certainty of a Tory majority and even if they managed one they would still continue to sell us out as they have done for 50 years - signing every piece of toilet paper presented by the EC > EEC > EU.

Perhaps we are better off with Labour as that will speed the total collapse rather than a false dawn with a few Tory sops like hunting to beguile us as they continue their sell out.

There is no sign whatsoever that ANY politician or political entity will save the situation - just look at the callibre of political leadership where clearly scum rises.

I regret we are heading for a near unavoidable catastrophe that will collapse with a realistic expectation of 200M dead across EUrope.

Present a scenario where that is not the case and I for one would be delighted.

Greg L-W.

Gregg's Blog said...

Plot well and truly lost I'm afraid.