Monday, December 21, 2009

Global Warming-Copenhagen Update

Well it worked didn't it? All that hot air in Copenhagen then Brown and Obama ride in like Butch and Sundance, kick a little ass and wallop, global warming goes away leaving Ambleside (left) in blizzards and arctic style chaos.

We've heard that the University of East Anglia has started a project looking at the deadly risk of an imminent new ice age. Meanwhile George Monbiot is calling for the nationalisation of igloo and sled making companies to ensure fair distribution of resources as we face decades of ice, snow and freezing temperatures from, well, about now.

But that's it for now, off to clear a pesky polar bear from my garden before it eats our cats for breakfast.


Anonymous said...

That is very funny, thanks.

Greg L-W. said...


in 1946 there were 4>5,000 polar bears now that there are about 28,000 in the wild it has been decided they are endangered!

Cats Beware! ALL cats - lions, tigers, leopards, lynx, cougar, puna and the like because as global cooling advances polar bears are likely to thrive and as there are more and they can move further south and the seals die out due to the destruction of fish by EU CAP they will need food!

Are you sure your picture isn't Enjemena or Nairobi?

Greg L-W.