Sunday, January 17, 2010

Corporate Collaborators

Any police state needs the populace to collaborate, you only have to study Nazi Germany and the USSR to understand that. Then there are also your corporate collaborators, especially effective in the Third Reich and Mussolini's Italy.

So, like any police state Her Majesty's Government also ratchets up the power of the police state with the aid of corporate quislings. So step forward Scottish and Southern Energy:

'Staff feel the measures are so draconian that they can barely move around the workplace without breaking a Golden Rule. Under current company policy, anyone seen using stairs without holding the handrail must accept a “challenge” from a colleague or manager.

‘It’s known as a “yellow card”. If you are a repeat offender then the company can begin disciplinary action.’

Workers must obey the safety rules SSE confirmed that if a worker continually refused to respond to such challenges, the issue would be raised with their boss. A spokesman added: ‘Reversing into a static parking bay is safer than reversing out into a road or car park, which may have traffic and pedestrian movement which you cannot easily see.

Full story here if you can bear to visit the Mail on Sunday website.

If I wasn't such a softy I would take managers like that out into their car park, reverse them against the office wall and shoot them. But, being a big softy, I would just sack them and make them work in the Cheshire salt mines ready for the next Man Made Global Freeze.

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