Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Police State Comes To Staines

If you doubted that we are fast falling into a police state then have a look at this:

IT WAS a show of force usually reserved for suspects on the radar of MI5.

But when police used a helicopter, armed officers and dogs to swoop on a Staines home on June 28, 2008, it wasn't to arrest an Al-Qaeda operative.

Their target was an 18-year-old politics student who had put a poster outside the home of the town's Army Cadet Force, a youth organisation for 12 to-18-year-olds.

Jeremy Moulton, now 19 and in his first year at Hull University, went home after making his stand.

I admit the lad was being a bit of a prat but come on, weren't we all prats in some way or another in our younger days? Did you ever get that kind of treatment?

Here is the full sorry tale.

Also found at Gun Culture, thanks Lurch. Well worth a visit.

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