Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Death By Boredom-The Daily Politics

This dinnertime I made the mistake of watching The Daily Politics on BBC2. There were three grey men (left) coming out with vacuous platitudes on behalf of Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems. They were campaigning for the general election apparently, but proved why record numbers of people will probably not bother to vote in May.

They were smug, aloof and far more detached from the real world than even I thought politicians had become. They still, after all the venom directed at them over recent months, behaved like feudal lords with a God given right to be in their positions. They made me want to puke. They were savaged by broadcaster Jon Gaunt but even when Gaunt directed his most aggressive condemnations at them they continued to sit with smug smiles on their fat, bloated faces.

The thought of another five months of this bollocks seriously makes me ponder leaving the country. Please, please Cyclops call a snap general election and let's have done with it. There is a very strong argument now, not just for some form of proportional representation, but for fixed term parliaments.

Between now and May 6th I wouldn't mind putting money on the suicide rate rocketing as the general election campaign bores even hardened politicos to death. I've worked in parliamentary by-election campaigns where we had to stop canvassing because party workers were being abused by voters angry at the number of leaflets arriving, canvassers knocking on their doors and telephone canvassers ringing. That over a short but intense period. A five month campaign by parties led by such dynamic and colourful characters as Cyclops, Cameron and Clegg can only drive us all to ponder whether we can or want to survive and, I suspect, many will choose death as a much more attractive option.

If you want to know the identities of the three pricks on The Daily Politics then sorry can't remember. But they have 643 lookalikes in the House of Commons, it could have been any of them.

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