Monday, January 11, 2010

Weirdos On T'Internet

Last week I mentioned Ian Stafford, the pervert Mayor of Preesall in Lancashire. He is awaiting sentencing after breaking into womens' homes and stealing their underwear. Now I'm broadminded and don't care what consenting adults do in private, but this particular crime is beyond the pale.

But guess what? Some idiot has tried defending Ian Stafford saying:

This unfortunate young man has now been branded as some sort of pathetic heteroclite for indulging in what is, put simply, a bit of harmless foolery.

'Harmless foolery'? Breaking into a home, an Englishman's castle, and rifling through a woman's knicker drawer is 'harmless foolery'? Not in my bloody book it isn't. That is not the action of a heteroclite, but that of a perverted criminal.

I think the blog author should be sharing a cell with his little pal personally. You might want to drop the defender of the indefensible a line at Absolute Nobhead.


British Coal said...

I find it quite astonishing that a man who lists P.G Wodehouse among his favourite authors would react to this story with such vexation...

Wodehouse was at it for years!
Justice for Ian Stafford!

Gregg's Blog said...

Ok, this is just a wind up. Who is it?

If serious you need psychiatric help, or castration.

I might tip the Wodehouse estate off that you are accusing him of burgling houses. I hear the ae very litigious.