Friday, January 08, 2010

Political Hypocrites

They do talk crap, we all know that, but I've heard two cracking examples of stinking hypocrisy in the last few hours.

I'm always happy to blame politicians as they are usually wrong, lying, incomptetent etc. But last night an ugly Tory woman on TV, I think it was Caroline Spelman, was lambasting the government for not preparing for this weather in September or October, so that local authorities wouldn't now be struggling to buy grit and salt.

Utter stinking hypocrisy. Even I can't blame the government for this situation. Like most Labour, Tory and Lib Dem MPs it's a freak of nature. If Spelman can produce evidence of her, or other Tories' demands for action from the government in September/October, then her whining may have some credibility. But there isn't any, so keep your big trap shut, you just make yourself look ridiculous.

Talking of politicians looking ridiculous we now have Iris Robinson looking foolish, then making herself look even more foolish and so it goes on. Despite declaring herself a born again Christian, who thinks politicians should be doing God's work, she couldn't resist a bit of 'extras'. Yes she decided to relive the Anne Bancroft Mrs Robinson role in the classic film The Graduate and seduced a 19 year old.

She has now been accused of using her position to help the lad obtain £50,000 for a business and taking a cut herself. Her initial reason for resigning was suicidal feelings due to depression. Politician speak for being pissed off at being rumbled.

But the best was last night when she refused to issue a statement about the accusations 'on health grounds'.

Then politicians wonder why we loathe them.

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