Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hammering The Motorist-Again!

Be careful when you pop your pay and display sticker on your windscreen. Chomping on the toast and marmalade this morning I was unfortunate enough to catch the BBC news. Lo and behold there was yet another item on how local Town Hall Mussolini's are making up their income shortfall from stinging motorists.

It seems that each local authority has the power to write into their parking regulations that anybody displaying more than one pay and display ticket can be given a fine by their enforcement officers, even when there is a valid one displayed.

The only way to avoid this, if you insist on displaying the odd old sticker in your windscren, is to check the regulations at the Town Hall of the authority you happen to be parking in. But you can bet they will all soon pick up on this and it will go nationwide.

If you do have trouble being 'taxed' as a motorist I suggest you remember to visit the website below:

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