Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is Your Neighbour, Wife or Son a Stasi Operative?

I have just come across the most anger inducing website it has been my misfortune to find on t'internet. Thanks to the chaps at Big Brother Watch for bringing it to our attention.

Internet Eyes is a website where you, joe public, can register to sit behind your computer at home, snooping through CCTV cameras on behalf of businesses, ready to report incidents, such as shoplifting to Big Brother at base.

Now I don't condone shoplifting and actually have some sympathy with the hardline Islamist approach of amputation of the right hand, after all you don't see many of them without both hands apparently, so there is also a deterrent effect. But I do draw the line at this perverse method of electronic twitching curtains.

It is straight out of the Stasi handbook on turning the populace against each other and is a very worrying development. The police can't put up a poster of a wanted man because of his 'human rights' but next time you're perusing the 3 for £10 vino in Asda Mrs Jones at No 10 might be watching you on her laptop.

So what do our grasses get for their efforts. They go on a list of the top however many grasses, unless they want to remain anonymous, and have the chance to win 'something to the value of £1000'. Hopefully a one way ticket to an uninhabited desert island.

I'd rather my neighbour was watching good old fashioned porn myself. If I hear of anybody I know indulging in this sick pastime they will certainly get what for.

You see a police state can only come about with the collaboration of a servile, unthinking and plain stupid population. God help us.

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