Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everybody. Let's hope for a New Year of peace, freedom and liberty, but don't hold your breath.

My prediction is for a hung parliament with Dave in charge. So, good to see Cyclops gone, but what real difference will there be?

We may not win the election but the Libertarian Party is the only libertarian alternative to the tired old authoritarian parties and anti-EU pressure groups. Why not give us a try?


Clive said...

Despite the corruption of UKIP MEPs there are still clowns pledging to vote for them in May. How stupid.

Gregg's Blog said...

Sadly Clive I have to agree with you. UKIP is nothing more than a pressure group and if they save a handful of deposits in May they will have done well.

I believe there could be bad news for them on January 11th, but I don't know what.

It's all very sad really as so many had great hopes for them a few years ago.