Monday, January 11, 2010

UKIP MEP Acts With Courage And Principle Shock

Rumours are rife on t'internet that a UKIP MEP has walked away from the EFD Group in the European Parliament.

If you don't know the EDF Group is a right-wing grouping containing numerous loonies, fruit cakes, homophobes, racists, holocaust deniers and other nutters. In fact many of them make the BNP look liberal.

There is much speculation about who the MEP is, but in my opinion it could only be one, Nikki Sinclaire. Nikki is the only UKIP MEP who has the guts, the courage and the integrity to make a stand such as that. The rest are weak, spineless and mostly motivated by cash.

Let's face it Paul Nuttall walked off the platform on election night rather than share it with Nick Griffin, a cheap gesture. But when it comes to a few Euros, I doubt that a politician as driven by financial gain as Nuttall would take such a principled position.

So my money is on Nikki once again doing the honourable thing.


Greg L-W. said...


Bulls Eye!!!!

Nikki Sinclaire UKIP's MEP has today resigned.

The first and maybe the only UKIP MEP with integrity in this Parliament - distancing herself from the Faragista Fan Club, its racism, xenophobia and anti Jewish stance with pro EU extremists who want no more than EU change yet advocate and use violence!

Well done Nikki - a very positive move for UKIP supporters to see someone trying to get out of Farage's EUkip gutter!

Greg L-W.
Loads more info. at:

Harry said...

You say it as if other parties don't ally themselves with 'less than favourable' MEPs from other countries!

In the EP it is par for the course. A grouping is a loose association, not a tight knit club.

Take a read of the EFD Group statutes which set out its operation -

Labour's unsavoury partners are exposed here -

Gregg's Blog said...

Oh that's OK then Harry, is it? So much for UKIP being unlike the other grubby parties.