Friday, January 22, 2010

Beheading Looks Likely

According to The Times the British couple, Paul and Rachel Chandler, who were floating around the Horn of Africa and captured by pirates, could be dead within days.

Alright execution, be it beheading, which seems popular in that part of the world, or a bullet in the back of the head might be a bit harsh, but why the hell were the nitwits there in the first place? Bored with floating around the Solent and the Med? Got jippy tummy last time they floated around the Caribbean maybe? Perhaps it was a case of wanting to get off the tourist route, well the idiots certainly did that.

Perhaps they were indignantly reading The Grauniad one morning with their muesli and thought how hard done by those Yemenis and Somalis were, and what a totally unjustified bad press they were getting. So they decided to show the bloody West how hospitable they really were and grabbed their wellies and pointed the good yacht Plonker in an easterly direction.

Now they have discovered that the local hospitality costs several million pounds, of our money in the form of a ransom. Or we use our tax money on schools and hospitals and they pay the with their heads for there stupidity and irresponsibility. Bloody clowns.


Animal Magic said...

Weren't they taken just of the Seychelles, which is sort of on the tourist route?

Gregg's Blog said...

They were in an area where pirates are known to be active, and they would have known that.

A merchant seaman I know told me that the area has been bad for years, if not deades, and for that time merchant ships have always had private security onboard.

Anonymous said...

I think Animal Magic should look at an atlas.

It's one thing flying in for a lovely holiday in the Seychelles, quite another sailing in that part of the world.

They were damned irresponsible but I would still send in the SAS to rescue them.