Monday, January 25, 2010

Dr David Kelly and the Chilcot Inquiry

Anybody who thought that the Chilcot inquiry into Iraq would be objective and independent should think again after this weekend's revelations about the Hutton inquiry.

It has been anounced that Hutton has secretly ordered the medical details of Dr Kelly's death to be kept secret for 70 years. This has come about as a group of independent doctors believe that the official explanation of his suicide, and the way he did it, are totally implausible. They are doing their own investigation hence a reasonable request to access the records.

One more reason to be sceptical about Chilcot, and to question the morality of this government.


John said...

The key points about the Kelly fiasco is that the government adjourned a coroner's court unconstitutionally and that they used the Hutton Inquiry as an excuse to witch hunt the anti-war media (See Chilcot, Hutton and the death of Dr David Kelly). This witch hunt was also outside the bounds of the amendment to the coroner's act under which the Hutton Inquiry was instituted.

What do we do when the government deliberately abandons the rule of law?
Parliament is the guardian of the British constitution but the MPs seem to be corrupt. They allowed "Lord" Falconer to become a political head of the justice system and just lay supine when the government co-opted a law about train crash inquiries to be used to whitewash the Kelly affair.

Gregg's Blog said...

Thanks for that John, and I look forward to reading your blog