Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Fatties To Be Ate First

A debate is raging, apparently, about the morality of a health club in Bristol running an advertising campaign claiming that fatties will be ate first after an alien invasion.

Now, I don't think it is likely to happen and, being a bit on the hefty side myself, can't say I'm overly concerned, at least being ate first your suffering would be over. I don't want to offend observing aliens there by implying alien invasion would necessarily be negative.

But some fatties elsewhere are getting all upset and offended. Well tough shit, get slim and you won't be. I suppose those offended are the types, like the woman above, who eat small skinny people.

If you want to survive the alien invasion you should look like slimmer of the year (left). You'll be OK then. Assuming the aliens don't like their meat lean, then you've got problems too.

All in all I suppose you should just live your life and take pot luck, no pun intended. Who knows, aliens may all be vegetarian anyway.

But do not keep being offended and wanting compensation for hurt feelings, because aliens do have a policy of disembowelling the mard and the politically correct.

Found at Ananova

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