Wednesday, January 13, 2010

UKIP MEP Nikki Sinclaire Speaks Out

Below is a statement from Nikki Sinclaire MEP about events surrounding her departure from the EFD Group in the European Parliament.

I have said previously and will say it again, Nikki is the only UKIP MEP with principle, courage and backbone. Good luck to her.


Anonymous said...

I can't hear the sound on the video. Does she mention how much money her debtors lost?

Gregg's Blog said...

Throw in a nice red herring and the gullible idiots fall hook line and sinker.

Amazing how Farage didn't know, or didn't give a shit, until the day she left the EFD Group.

Get a life.

Peter Metcalfe said...

What has debt got to do with UKIP banding together with fascists in the EU, Anon?
Debt is something we all have to live with in the current system unless we are born with a silver spoon, inheritance that kind of thing.
Many of the top business people in the country have gone bust and then bounced back.
There is far more shame in selling your principles for money or status, and UKIP know all about that.
Well done Nikki.

Gregg's Blog said...

Funny Peter that 'Anonymouse' seems to prefer Farage, a man who consciously decides, on a regular basis, to betray his wife and children by embarking upon adulterous relationships.

I know which of the two I trust, and it's certainly not a man whose wife and children can't even trust him.

Anonymous said...

All I am saying is that bankruptcy is not a trivial issue for those affected and should have been declared if standing as an MEP.

Agreed, it is nothing to do with the EDF group issue, and should not have been raised to muddy the waters.

Gregg's Blog said...

She had declared it, to he Party Secretary, therefore Farage know a long, long time ago but chose to keep quiet and use it in his usual nasty, underhand way.

Do you prefer the morals of a serial adulterer like Farage and the holocuast deniers, racists and assorted nutters in the EFD Group to those of somebody unfortunate enough to have gone bankrupt?

By the way her bankruptcy has been discharged.

You really are stupid.

Gregg's Blog said...

By the way 'Anonymouse', UKIP candidates are not asked, either on the application or at interview, about bankruptcy. I know beause I went through the process. Nikki actually voluneered the information.

Stick to things you have a clue about.

Peter Metcalfe said...

'Anonymous said...
I can't hear the sound on the video. Does she mention how much money her debtors lost?'

But it was you who muddied the waters, Anon. See your own words above.
Shame on you.

Greg L-W. said...


The FULL details of the bankruptcy were in the public domain from 2004 onwards - her discharge is recorded mid 2005, the whole story was common knowledge then - I have provided all the details and page references etc. on my blog some time ago when that nasty little s**t Mark Croucher was working with the serial adulterer, hopeless drunk between his consorting with prostitutes and seemingly trousering £MILLIONS from funds available to UKIP and using salaried staff for sexual gratification we are reliably informed!

What filth these people are!

You may find details of The Pan EU Political Party EFD Group Farage has set up for seemingly self enrichment and aggrandisement of interest and the growing resource can be found at:

However for factual data that is proven accurate on EUkip you will find:
of some help.

I hope we can with this blog and:
help keep you informed on why the corruption of UKIP makes EUkip unelectable by any moral standards.

EUkip are a part of the problem and have no place in the solution getting Britain OUT of the EU - which is not about One Man Bands, Ego and the enrichment of Farage and his pro EU fan club!

Greg L-W.